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    Coordinates: 55°59′43″N 13°26′30″E Counties before Skåne County (Swedish: Skåne län [ˈskôːnɛ ˈlɛːn]), sometimes referred to as Scania County in English, is the most southern county, or län, of Sweden, basically corresponding to the traditional province Scania.

    Skåne kommuner karta

    Skane County Map showing municipalities (kommuner) along with the county and municipality boundaries. It also gives the list of municipalities in the countyname county of Sweden. Description: Map depicts Skane municipalities, county boundary with capital and kommuner boundaries.


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    Skåne County is located in: Sverige, Skåne län. Find the detailed maps for Skåne County, Sverige, Skåne län. on ViaMichelin, along with road traffic, the option to book accommodation and view information on MICHELIN restaurants for - Skåne County.

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    Skåne is situated in the south of Sweden, with good connections to Denmark, Germany and Eastern Europe. Find unique accommodation and outdoor activities.

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      Malmöhus was merged with Kristianstad County to form Skåne County in ; in SVAR the records are found under Skäne. 2. Catalog of Microfilms for Records of Malmöhus county, Sweden. Family Search does not rent microfilms any more, therefore strictly speaking the catalog is obsolete.

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  • Malmö (/ ˈ m æ l m oʊ, ˈ m ɑː l m ɜː /, Swedish: [ˈmâlːmøː] i; Danish: Malmø [ˈmælmˌøˀ]) is the largest city in the Swedish county (län) of Scania (Skåne). It is the third-largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm and Gothenburg, and the sixth-largest city in the Nordic region, with a municipal population of , in