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En reporter på Ekot,

Studio Ett. Efter Dokus avslöjande – vd Cilla Benkö frågas ut. Lyssna från tidpunkt: 11 min. Hör Cilla Benkö, VD på Sveriges Radio ; Studio Ett studioett@

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I onsdagens Studio Ett kommenterade Sveriges Radios vd Cilla Benkö granskningen. Hör Dagens Nyheters chefredaktör Peter Wolodarski.
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    Anna Cecilia "Cilla" Benkö Lamborn, född 21 februari , är en svensk journalist och vd för Sveriges Radio. Hon är dotter till Peter Benkö. Benkö har tidigare arbetat som reporter i New York för TV4 och varit chef för Ekonomiekot.

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      Cilla Benkö, Director General of Swedish Radio *The study, which is a part of the ongoing research project Threats and hate towards journalists: consequences for free speech and democracy, which involves researchers from Lund University, Halmstad University and the University of Gothenburg, is based on a survey carried out in late –early.

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    Director General & CEO of Swedish Radio/Sveriges Radio since One of eleven members of the EBU Executive Board and currently Chairman of the EBU Personnel Committee. A member of the Board of.

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    Swedish Radio's CEO Cilla Benkö defends Klas Wolf-Watz's actions in an interview in Studio one. - Based on the information that Ekochefen had when he acted, I think based on my professional view as a manager and publicist that he acted correctly, she says.

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  • 27th December was a dark year, with more journalists imprisoned than ever before, writes Cilla Benkö, Director General of Swedish Radio and a PMA board member. Iran is one of the very worst culprits. Everyone who believes in a free, democratic and equal world must stand up against the oppression of freedom. Cilla Benkö.