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Tydeman's Late Orange Maturity Date: September 25 to October 6 Chilling Hours: , USDA Zone: Sold Out Of State: Available Upon Request Container Type: Bare Root Richly flavored connoisseurs favorite.

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Tydeman's Late Orange apple / 1 see reviews Description Reviews (8) Tree register (37) Identification Photos (2) Related varieties (2) References (2) Where to buy When you have eaten all those other varieties you will still have a treat in store because this apple will keep right through to April.
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    Tydemans Late Orange $ Add to cart for Tydeman's Late Orange apple contains a yellowish flesh with rich Cox-like flavor, but distinctively it's own. As with all Cox Orange Pippin progeny, Tydeman's late Orange has a nice sugar-acid balance. Skin gold with green and red blush and conical shape.

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    Tydemans Late Orange is a late autumn apple, and trees that mature their fruit late in the season often have better eating and keeping quality than the earlier fruiting trees. Another apple variety with a tendency to biennial bearing is Laxton Superb: like Tydemans Late Orange, it’s worth waiting for.

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      Developed during the early s by H.M. Tydeman at the East Malling Research Station in Kent, U.K. by crossing Cox’s Orange Pippin with a Laxton’s Superb. It was introduce in and awarded the RHS Award of Merit in Easier to grow than Cox s Orange Pippin. Vigorous, upright spreading tree that pushes a lot of whippy growth.

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  • The best known of these are Tydeman's Early Worcester and Tydeman's Late Orange, the latter a deep red, almost purple, fresh-eating apple revered by many for its excellent, strong flavour. The delicious flavour is likely inherited from one of its parents: Cox's Orange Pippin, which is similarly -- if more subtly -- flavoured.

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    Tydeman is a medium to large apple, round to oblong in shape, occasionally lopsided. It is mostly red in color with some yellow or green, and prominent lenticels, or pores. Its tender white flesh is crisp, aromatic, and juicy. Tydeman has a mild, sweet-tart flavor with hints of strawberry and spice. Discovered: Parentage: McIntosh x.

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    English::Tydeman's Late Orange (EMLA 1) apple, cross-sectioned. Synonyms: Tydeman's Late Cox NFC's description of the apple is: "Raised in by H.M. Tydeman at East Malling Research Station, Kent. Introduced in

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